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Week of DECEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 5, 2008


International Forecaster BOB CHAPMAN provides a timely status report on the continuing collapse of the U.S. Economy and the (now) never ending printing of more 'Monopoly Money'.
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DR. JODY GRENGA, MS, DC, RMT, not only demonstrates how she personally lived off of a Berkey purified water system for over a year, but shares a variety of notable and curious facts about rainwater.
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Utah medical activist and researcher THOMAS RODGERS exposes the deadly consequences of being housed in a government provided manufactured homes or trailers (Katrina). Plus, FEMA's knowledge of these health problems and a major failure to do anything to eliminate them. Worse, citizens are being prosecuted for mistreating their children, based on bogus diagnoses, when it is carbon monoxide poisoning from within the housing structure as the culprit.

Board certified in Environmental Medicine, Pediatrics and Allergies, DR. DORIS RAPP educates about the harmful effects of numerous chemicals to which we are all exposed on a daily basis and the various ways their insidious symptoms appear on the human body.
BOOK: Our Toxic World available at or by calling 1- 877-817-9829.


JIMMIE-DUANE ROSS wishes to share his personal story of what he concludes to be police brutality, cover-up, conspiracy, and corruption - - - culminating together in the murder of his beloved wife Pamela.
Mr. Ross believes they were targeted because he stood publicly in court rooms against tyranny, with desire to expose the massive banking fraud in America.

Retired Major DOUG ROKKE repots on the latest updates surrounding Veteran health issues in the Middle East; plus, remarks the actual casualty count.


Former U.S. Treasury Department and government analyst RICHARD COOK spells out four possible futures in the wake of this U.S. economic meltdown. "Ironically, the two segments of the population who are doing okay are the very rich and the very poor, who have the support of a lot of government programs. It's the vast majority in the middle, the hard-working people, who are being destroyed by this empire of crime. Those are the people I am writing for and want to reach."
Articles by Richard Cook:
NEW BOOK: We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform available online "24/7"at or by calling 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri, 8 to 5 Central Time.

“Clean Water for The Holidays" Guest appearance – Debbie Morrow. Debbie will discuss purified water ideas for your family & friends. For all Berkey Products please call 1-888-803-4438 and please be sure to mention that you listen to "The PowerHour with Joyce & Dave" - Thank you!


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