The Fifth and Sixth Thousand Years


Snorri Sturlusson


The works in the first set of books fall under the designation to be called,
"THE FIFTH THOUSAND YEARS." The books in the first set are:

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The Introduction to THE FIFTH THOUSAND YEARS ("Work By The Law")

Book 1 Work By The Law 1977

Book 2 The Story of Rights in America

Book 3 Kybernion

Book 4 What Lawful Title

Book 5 The Southern Slaveholders

Book 6 No Guillotine

Book 7 The Script

Book 8 The Law as recorded by Snorri Sturlusson

Book 9 Confidential


The works in the second set of books fall under the designation to be called "THE SIXTH THOUSAND YEARS" or is referred to by the author as

"THE 1,000-PAGE COURSE" and "NEW LEARNING" The books in the second set are:

The introduction to THE SIXTH THOUSAND YEARS ("Then Cometh The Day")

Part 1 Introduction (to the NLP Rule Writers Gild Apprenticeship "1,000 Page Course")

Part 2a The Fastest Way To Learn Spanish Is To See It 1970 version

Part 2b The Fastest Way To Learn Spanish Is To See It 1971 version

Part 2c The Fastest Way To Learn Spanish Is To See It 1975 version

Part 3 The History of School (NEW LEARNING BOOK ONE)

Part 4 The History of Money Part 1 (NEW LEARNING BOOK TWO PART 1)

Part 5 History of Money Part 2 (NEW LEARNING BOOK TWO PART 2)

Part 6 The History of Business (NEW LEARNING BOOK THREE)

Part 7 The Look Doctrine

Part 8 The Story of Our Law for Little Children

Part 9 Work by the Law


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In Loving Memory


    Today is Tuesday, January 10, 2006. Yesterday the information was on the news that informed us that, at his home, surrounded by family members, the Beloved Friend and Example to so many of us, W. Cleon Skousen, passed away.

    It is difficult to estimate how much good Brother Skousen’s character and his efforts have been to all of the many, many thousands for whom his services made more of the Glory of God, which is "Intelligence," available to all of us in our everyday Walks of Life. It would seem that so many, at this time, will be praying, "We thank Thee, Heavenly Father, for the Life and the Mission of Brother Skousen."

    The Purpose of this Tribute to Brother Skousen is to inform his Loved Ones and these many, many thousands who are so thankful for his work of the inestimably large part that is his in the fulfillment of so many of the Prophecies about the Triumph of the Lord’s Work in the Latter Days, particularly in relation to the Calling that was given to him, in this regard, by President David O. McKay, in 1967.

    Many people know that such World-leading Organizations, in this area, that we will be speaking of first, as the Commission of the European Union, consider Utah to be, "The Language Capital of the World." Why this is so – in addition to the fact that the Headquarters of the LDS Church translates from "the World Language," of North American English, into and back from some 184 of what include so many of the World’s Leading Languages – has to do with the fact that this Language Capital of the World invented how to "Teach" the Machines, that were originally invented to only be able to automatically compute arithmetic, and, for that reason were named, "computers," "How to Understand Human Languages," after virtually all other Organizations in the World had given up trying to do that with their publicly expressed statement that all of their attempts to do that had all just led them to feel that all of those hopes of theirs to do that had been "unrealistic." This Invention, in Utah, as Governor Leavitt informed us, in his 2002 State of the State Address, is the Invention, in Utah, of what the World thinks of as, "the Invention of the Internet," as well as being the breakthrough that allowed Computers to automatically "Process Natural Languages," be linked in "Local Area Networks," etc. etc. etc. All of these Developments are results of the Prophecy that President David O. McKay made, in 1966, that the LDS People will accomplish these things, and, then, the efforts which he undertook, in those few remaining years of his life, to make these things happen. However, what relatively few know, and that which it is the Purpose of this Tribute to inform of, is how much all of these World-changing Developments originated from that Prophecy that President McKay made to Cleon, in 1967, that "the way will open up" for "Our People to Work Together By The Law," and then by Cleon’s Resolute and Continued Efforts that got that to happen.

    Perhaps the easiest way for us to address this is the chronological way.

    In 1973 the person who invented the above referenced Invention regarding Human Languages was walking on the BYU Campus in front of the Jesse Knight Building. There he saw Brother Skousen in a very involved conversation with a quite popular local Radio Talk-show Host. This Inventor had, in his teenage years, known and been a friend, in Portland, Oregon, of Brother Skousen’s brother, Leroy. This Inventor had written a Book for use by a Company for which the Talk-show Host was an avid promoter. For these reasons the Inventor stopped to listen to this Conversation. The point at issue, in that quite earnest conversation, was a point that was addressed in the Book that the Inventor had written. So, the Inventor entered the Conversation to explain to the Talk-show Host the answer to his question. As he did this Cleon became very quiet as he listened to this answer. Then, as the Talk-show Host went, happily on his way, with this answer that he had wanted, Cleon took the Inventor’s arm to detain him while he was told the following.

    Cleon said, "A few years ago [that was in 1967] President McKay called me into his office [Cleon later said that when he got there President McKay had most of the Church’s attorneys there and that President McKay, as angry as he had ever seen him, seemed ready to fire all of those Attorneys for "betraying the Church."] and said to me:

    ‘Brother Skousen, because of the Work that you and Elder Benson have done for our Country, I am giving both of you an assignment. [President Benson had been the US Secretary of Agriculture and Cleon had been one of the Top Officials of the FBI.] Our People are becoming Slaves. They are falling for the same old lures and tricks that all of the rest of the world is. I want you to go down to Provo and work on how "Our People Can Work Together By The Law!"’ I asked him, ‘Can’t the University do that?’ He lowered his head, shook it and said, ‘No, they don’t have the vision!’ Then I asked, ‘But, what can I do?’ He prophesied to me, ‘You go down there, and the way will open up!’" Then Cleon said, about the Inventor’s Book, "You know, I think that this is it!"

    The Inventor had "begun his Career" as a Linguist with the Utah National Guard Linguists Organization. At one Formal Drill of that Organization its Commanding Officer formally recognized him as "The Outstanding Linguist of the" Organization. The Organization had sent him and some others to a very prestigious Military Intelligence School near Washington DC. There they had been taught how to serve the linguistic needs of Commanding Generals in the Plan (the "Strategy") that a Commanding General makes to win a War. The Inventor was very thrilled with this knowledge because it seemed as though this process that a Commanding General goes through, to make his Plan to win a War, is the straight forward history of what really happens in the World. So, he resolved to write his PhD. Thesis on this essential explanation of Human History.

    So, he took the few remaining classes, that he needed to, to graduate from BYU and then spent over two years, first at George Washington University, then at Columbia University, trying but completely unable to gain any information, that is available to the General Public, on the essence of the Military History of the European Peoples. A distant relative, who was the Head Librarian at BYU, suggested that he might have more luck at the Hoover Institute on War and Revolution at Stanford University. When that failed even more than the earlier attempts he became discouraged. However, a friend, at Church, who had studied Russian with him at BYU, suggested that he see if he could get a job with the JPRS office, a Translation Office for the CIA, in San Francisco.

    He was hired by the JPRS Office; and, then, when his Supervisor there, who was later over All Translation for the CIA, all over the World, learned of the number of European Language that he was able to professionally translate he was told, "You can make a fortune with us with all of these Languages that you translate."

    Then the Inventor got the idea, "I’ll keep doing Translation Work for these People; and as I do I’ll learn how to become a functional translator from all of the European Languages that I need to learn to be functional in, in order to be able to translate from all of that Information, that is available in European Languages, what it is that the true Military History of Europe, in fact, is!" Doing this the Inventor became a professional quality translator from Eleven of the Main Languages of Europe into English. With this acquired ability to read all of the Languages that were important to the Military History of Europe the Inventor was finally able to get to the almost completely secreted essence of it so that all of the LDS people can easily understand how it is that they all "Can Work Together By The Law," as President McKay had prophesied to Cleon that the way will open up for all of us to do.

    On his Mission to Finland, where he was assigned to learn both of the National Languages of that Country, he had come across the explanation in the Book of Mormon, in Mosiah 8:13, of the essence of the way that all of the World’s Languages work. Using that explanation he had been able to acquire his professional ability to translate from Two of the Eleven Foreign Languages, that he translated from, after only about eight hours of study for each of them. His employer encouraged him to write that into book form. Since the Church had recently begun the Language Training Mission, he got the idea to ask the General Authority who was over it, then Elder Gordon B. Hinckley, if he should write this Book in order to help Missionaries to be able to learn their Foreign Languages more easily. He was encouraged by Elder Hinckley, "Do it; do it!"

    In the process of his writing and then demonstrating that Book that was when he also, at last, came upon the Secreted Essence of the Military History of Europe, which, if people understand, they are able to "Work Together By The Law." So, he had included that information in the Book which the Company, that the Talk-show Host promoted, had asked the Inventor to write.

    When the Inventor was told by Cleon Skousen that Brother Skousen felt that the Information which the Inventor had discovered – as the Information that he had earlier wished to make into his PhD. Thesis – was the Information that President McKay had prophesied will be what will let "the way" "open up" that will make it possible so that "Our people can work together by the Law," the Inventor resolved to do what he could do to put this Information into the form so that it would be available to the LDS People who were motivated to learn it.

    However, the principal activity at BYU, in those years during the 1970’s, was to try to accomplish President McKay’s Prophecy that the LDS People would discover how to "Teach Computers to Understand Human Languages" so that the US Government could make the Services of the Internet available to the People of the World, so that the Church would be able, over the ultimate developments of the Internet, to make it possible so that: "Every man shall hear the fullness of the Gospel in his own tongue." After being exposed to that environment at BYU for over five years, the Inventor finally realized that the Language Book that he had written, at Elder Hinckley’s behest, would accomplish with Human Languages what the BYU Program to try to accomplish that was not having success with. A little over a year after he first got that idea, his Explanation for how to Teach Computers to Understand English and Other Natural Languages was written up in the Wall Street Journal as the Invention that had accomplished that Worldwide Goal.

    So, the Inventor’s "Invention" is the basis of what the World, in general, thinks of as, "the Internet," people’s ability to do Word Processing on their Personal Computers, to network them, and of the developments that created the main way that the People of Utah have made their Livings over recent years, the Utah Software Industry which, in general, had been grossing somewhere around Eight Billion Dollars per year during recent years.

    The Inventor’s Original Invention was able to do about 85% of the functions of the Minds of Humans in processing the Words of Natural Languages. The Inventor knew how to produce Software that does about 100% of the functions of the Minds of Humans, but the people around those First Innovations, without motivations more than those which are generally found, were generally only interested in these Innovations to see how much money could be made from them. President McKay did direct efforts, at BYU etc. to begin the development of these Innovations with the "short-term Goal" to develop that Original Invention of the Inventor. However, the focus of his Prophecy of 1966 was that some way the LDS People needed to be taught how to "Work Together By The Law" in order to develop the development that would allow Computer Software to do 100% of the functions of the Human Mind in order that, through that Development, the LDS People would be able to operate the Equipment that makes it possible that "Every man shall hear the fullness of the Gospel in his own tongue."

    Cleon’s inspiration and support were dominating factors in the primary undertakings that let that Original Invention, that produced Computer Software that automatically and instantaneously does about 85% of the functions of a Human Mind, be developed, which has so revolutionized Human Society, with its current "operation" on the Internet and all of those other "Spin-off" side developments from it, also from Utah, for which so much of Mankind is now so thankful, for all of the many improvements to Human Life, all over the World, that these Inventions from Utah, all from that Original Invention, have put at the service of the People of the World.

    So, Cleon’s contribution, at this time, the time of his passing, has produced so much of the dynamism of the organizations of those people who began these World Revolutionizing Inventions, that so dominate Life all over the Earth at this time.

    However, the Leadership of the Organization that got that accomplished, before, are now ready to introduce to the World Market the Long-term Goal that President McKay put before us in his last years. That is the Goal of developing for its services to the People of the World the Computer Software that automatically and instantaneously does about 100% of the Functions of the Human Mind, in great varieties of applications.

    These Developments, being currently demonstrated, at this time of Cleon’s passing, are obviously having such a much more revolutionary effect upon all of Mankind that comes into contact with them, than those Developments from that Original Invention of the late 1970’s. Nearly all, when they come upon these effects that these currently available Developments are having upon Mankind, say, "Of a certainty, these are part of the glorious improvings of the conditions of Life, here on Earth, that so many of the Ancient Prophets said will result from the Lord’s Restoration of the True Gospel in the Latter Days.

    And, if any of the Participants in all of these Developments are asked, "How central to all of these current, new, Glorious Developments for Mankind are the Directives and the organizing that Brother Skousen put in place for the LDS People to be able to Work Together By The Law to get them to be prepared as they now are?" any of the Insiders who are asked that will respond with, "Why, everything that is being done among us is being done in the way that Brother Skousen organized us and encouraged us with his Directives to make our way ahead to these Goals that were set for all of us by President McKay!"


President McKay and Us

    1. Up until a few months after David O. McKay turned 22 years old the people among whom he lived and worked were able to, socially, follow the Instruction given to Church Members, in D&C 86, to "continue in my (the Lord’s) goodness" in the way we "worked together" — which was the way that the New England Forefathers of the First Members of the Church had worked together, as "American Free Men," which was the way that their Forefathers had worked together, for over a millennium, as the "London Free Men" of the Guild System of the Commonwealth of London, which Commonwealth they had founded in 450 AD.

    In D&C 86:8–11, the Lord told Joseph Smith and the other early Members of the Church: "Therefore, thus saith the Lord unto you, with whom the priesthood hath continued through the lineage of your fathers — For ye are lawful heirs of the priesthood, according to the flesh, and have been hid from the world with Christ in God — Therefore, your life and the priesthood have remained, and must needs remain through you and your lineage until the restoration of all things spoken of by the mouths of all the holy prophets since the world began. Therefore, blessed are ye if ye continue in my goodness, a light unto the Gentiles, and through this priesthood, a savior unto my people, Israel. The Lord hath said it. Amen."

    This superior, "Anglo-Saxon" way of working together, according to the Oaths which each man takes in their Temple, in London, since the Founders of England built their Temple, there in London, beginning in 450 AD — by adhering to which Oaths the Manhood of London get to retain their Rights to "work together," as the Craftsmen of the Craftsmen’s Guilds of that Commonwealth, as the "Free Men" of London, who, doing this, have always had the Highest Technology in the World, and the Highest Standard of Living in the World, that went along with that — has remained "the highest level of social organization in the World," till this time, which has made it so that the "London Bond Market," that is operated by the, currently, about, 500,000 London Free Men of the Guilds of London’s Commonwealth, today, is the basis of the operations of virtually all of the World’s Central Banks, making that Commonwealth of theirs, "the Financial Capital of the World."

    The "American Free Men" of Connecticut were prohibited from continuing to work together by their Oaths — which they had taken (in a continuation of the way that their London Free Men "fathers" had done that in London’s Temple) in their Township Church Meeting House on "Law Sunday," the First Sunday of the Month — by the Challenge to them by their "Political Opponents" (after the Victory of their Townships’ Yeomanry, that became the US Army, in the Revolutionary War, and the writing by the Connecticut Delegation to the Constitutional Convention of the Constitution of the USA, as a "copy" of Connecticut’s Constitution, the World’s First Written Constitution and model for all subsequent ones) that they were now unable to "legally explain" what the relationship was between their "religious opinions," which they and London Free Men gave as their "Oaths," and the "Rights" which they got to "Work Together" by those Oaths, after taking them in their Township Church Meetinghouse on "Law Sunday." The explanation which the Lord gave for that, in the 86th Section of the D&C, is a very good explanation of that to reasonable people. However, those Political Opponents were not reasonable; and they drove the Members of the Restored Church from one place to another for "continuing in the Lord’s goodness" and working together by His Law, until the Church was finally driven out to Utah.

    That "prohibition" (of the First Amendment) against the American Free Men of Connecticut and against their Connecticut Congregational Church, went into effect against them in 1818. The sociological repercussions of that, which ended the Connecticut Congregational Church and made it so that its Ministers, that graduated from Connecticut’s Yale University’s Graduate School of Divinity, could no longer be the traditional Religious Leadership for New Englanders living in Upstate New York, were repercussions in Upstate New York at that time that characterized the Religious Chaos that had young Joseph Smith, Jr. begin seeking for what could be the True Church.

    For those people who joined the Restored Church, there in New York, then in Ohio, then when it moved to Missouri and then to Illinois, Heavenly Father’s Instructions to them, in the 86th Section, was part of the Truth which they accepted as the wisdom to keep working together by the obviously superior "Anglo-Saxon" way that was followed by their Forefathers. However, after Political Opponents, primarily in the Slavery South, had organized what might have been thought of as their Political "Warfare" against that Superior "religious" way of working together of Northerners, those Political Opponents etc. organized the opposition that eventually made it so that the Church was "driven out, D&C 136:34," of the USA of the 1840’s, as this Country was organized at that time.

    So the Church’s Membership became the Pioneers who traveled to and established Utah. And, continuing according to the Lord’s Instructions, to "continue in my goodness," the way that they "Worked Together By The Law" made so much sense in "continuing" in their Forefathers’ obviously superior, Anglo-Saxon, Christian way of Working Together, that the descriptive words of the Top Historian on this Subject would be that, "In Salt Lake City the United Order of Tanners and the United Order of Tailors was just a continuation of the English Guild System."

    This was "intelligent" social organization to young David O. McKay, up until the time when he went on his Mission. However, when he returned and began studying and working in Utah, it was no longer in the Territory of Utah, where the people had been able to "continue in" the Lord’s "goodness," and work together in their Superior, Ancestral United Order/Guild System way of working together. He studied to become a College Teacher and worked as one. "What did he come upon constantly fighting this ‘Intelligent, Successful, Ancestral’ Way of Working Together, that had been the Working Environment of Utah during his boyhood and young manhood?" It was political grasping at advantages over people. It was a most "anti-intelligent," "anti-successful," grasping, from a most unwelcomed "alienness," that had made its way into the Society that he had grown up in.

    2. Then, after Utah had been a State for ten years, David O. McKay, at age 32, was called to be a Member of the Quorum of the Twelve. As a young Member of the Quorum of the Twelve he was asked to spend some years as the President over the European Missions, operating from the Headquarters of that Presidency in London. Being there for years he witnessed the Great Intelligence of the Ancient Customs of London for its Free Men to Work Together By The Law. This was so much like the previous Superior Working Environment that had been in Utah, during his Childhood and Youth. As a very insightful College Teacher, he came to understand that London had been there as the HEADQUARTERS for this Superior Way of "Working Together By The Law." "What was that Headquarters?" It is London’s Ancient "Temple," and the Four Inns of Temple.

    There are Two Ways that Courts work in the English-speaking World. One is by Ancestral Anglo-Saxon Twelve-man Juries. That is what is meant by the English word, "Law." The other is operated by a single person, sitting alone, in the Robe of a Roman Catholic Monk, administering the Roman concept of Courts, which is called by the Roman name, "Equity."

    If a person wants to become qualified to be able to practice Law in a Court, before a Twelve-man Jury in England and in Wales, TODAY, that person has to have an association with one of the Four "Inns of Temple," there in London. Two of those Inns are at the location of the pre-Crusades Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn. The other two are in the Building that has served as the Temple since the Crusades. They are: The Inn of Inner Temple and the Inn of Middle Temple.

    These Four "Law Schools" have been the location where the "INTELLIGENCE," that characterizes the Law of the English-speaking People, has been studied since the Anglo-Saxons first brought this "highest quality" approach to living together and working together to England when they first established England and London in 450 AD.

    As the very intelligent and successful College Teacher that he was, and now an Apostle of the Lord, David O. McKay had a unique, clear "vision" of how this "Treasure" of the English-speaking People, The LAW that the Free Men of London had been Working Together By for so many Centuries, can be treasured in the way that it can be preserved, for the benefit of God’s people, and for all of Mankind.


President McKay’s Vision and Us

    Now that we have come to the subject of President McKay’s "Vision" in relation to these things, let us review the words which he spoke to Cleon Skousen on this subject and the Situation within which that happened.

    At the Fall General Conference of the Church, in 1966, President McKay directed a great deal of attention to the preparations of the US Government to try to develop a Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility to be able to provide automatic and instantaneous Interlingual Telecommunications between the people of the USA and the rest of the World’s population. His words for how this would make it possible so that "every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue," were taken as his "prophecy" as to how this would happen. Then, when about one month later, in November, 1966, the "Political Motivations" that had been behind this Project of the Government made it known that they were unable to continue on with their attempt to even produce the "Short-term Goal" for that Project, the "Cost-effective Machine Translation of Human Languages," — saying, for example, such things as, "Teaching Computers to understand English – or any other Natural Language … has always been unrealistic" — President McKay put in motion the activities that allowed Church Members to accomplish that Short-term Goal.

    3. When Members of the Church succeed in accomplishing what Political Motivations had given up on, the developing of the Short-term Goal for the establishment of the Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility — which it was foreseen would become, by far, the Largest "Business" in the World — President McKay knew that the only way that Church Members would be able to operate in that environment would be if the Working Conditions of his Youth, where Our People are able to "continue" to "Work Together By The Law," could be renewed among Our People. It was then, in 1967, when he called Brother Skousen in and gave him his Calling in this responsibility.

    A reason why Brother Skousen was called, in relation to this, comes to the minds of those who know his Family.

    When Utah became a State and its population had to stop continuing in Working Together By The Law, in our United Orders here, that same Political Prohibition was extended to all parts of the Intermountain West, in the USA, where Latter-day Saints had settled. However, that did not apply to the part of the Intermountain West that was over the US/Mexican Border in Mexico, where our LDS Mexican Colonies are located.

    Those of us who have lived there know that it was Cleon’s mother’s father who was our Stake President there who reestablished our Colonies for us there after the end of the Political Difficulties that came between the USA and Mexico at the time of World War I. In Our Colonies there we have been able to "continue in" the Lord’s "goodness" and "Work Together By The Law" in our ancestral United Orders.

    A "Blessing" that has come to the World, because of that, is that we have been able to continue the Church’s "Parochial School System" there, which the Church had to terminate everywhere else, in the US Intermountain West, at that time when Utah became a State. Many people think that, because of the unique "Double-load Education System," that we have been able to maintain there, it has produced Thousands of the most competent English-Spanish Bi-linguists in the World. The "Blessing" from that to the World has been that, because of the leadership provided by that unique Education, our Crew that prepared our Software Program, that was acclaimed around the World as the first achievement of the Cost-effective Machine Translation of Human Languages, is also acknowledged, in Scientific Circles, as the Invention of the Human Language Technology which those Scientific Circles explain is the Invention of the Computer Software Development that, at last, taught "Computers to understand English" and "other Natural Languages" and is the Invention of the Computer Software that made it possible for the World’s Population to be able to, then, develop what it now calls, the "Internet."

    4. The Words of President McKay’s Calling to Brother Skousen, as he repeated them for his Friends, were the following:

    "Brother Skousen, our People are becoming Slaves. They are falling for the same old Lures and Tricks that all of the rest of the World is. I want you to go down to Provo and work on how Our People can Work Together By The Law."

    Cleon’s question to that was: "Can’t the University do it?"

    Cleon said that President McKay then hung his head, then he negatively shook his head back and forth and said, "No, they don’t have the Vision!"

    Then, when Cleon asked, "But, what can I do?" he said, "He prophesied to me, ‘You go down there, and the Way Will Open Up!’"

    In the summer of 1973 Cleon met Bruce Wydner on the BYU Campus. When he learned of how Bruce had learned 12 of Europe’s Main Languages, so that he could let people know, from the point of view of all of those Languages, what the "true" history of Europe was, particularly in relation to its Military History, that was, now, not being told to them from the point of view of Political Propaganda, Cleon enthusiastically told Bruce, in relation to Bruce’s Information, that he felt that this was the Information that President McKay prophesied to him that he would find, in Provo, that will make so that, "The Way Will Open Up" that will make it so that "Our People" will be able to learn how to begin, again, to "Work Together By The Law," in the current circumstances of the World.

    [Then, Elder, Gordon B. Hinckley, had asked Bruce to write a textbook explaining Languages the way that Bruce had learned them. His Assistant had introduced Bruce and that Textbook to parties on the BYU Campus. At that time the BYU Project, that President McKay had begun, to invent Cost-effective Machine Translation, was one of the Principal Goals there. It was five years after Bruce met Cleon, when, in 1978, the explanation of Human Languages, that is contained in Bruce’s Textbook, was acclaimed in the Wall Street Journal and in the World Press as the Invention of the Cost-effective Machine Translation that was the Human Language Technology that made it possible to, at last, Teach Computers to Understand English and other Human Languages. When that Acclaim was made, Bruce realized that he needed to write his "1,000-page Course" to allow LDS People to understand how to Work Together By The Law in order for them to take that then accomplished Short-term Goal, of Cost-effective Machine Translation (that automatically "does 85 percent of the translator’s work for him"), and build it into the Complete Human Language Technology (that performs close to 100% of the functions of the Human Mind, in relation to Human Languages) that will make it possible to make available the Services of the Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility, that President McKay prophesied that Church Members would make available, first for the use of the Church and then for the use of the World.]

    5. When Bruce completed a First Edition of that Course, Walt Mann read it and asked Bruce to make it available to the Patriot Community, through Walt.

    Doing that Bruce got the idea to move to the St. George area, then out to Cane Beds, where he was able to complete that 1,000-page Course, in the form that it has been available in for over 20 years now.

    Eleven years ago Bruce got a call telling him that Brother Skousen needed to talk with him. Calling Cleon, Cleon told him that he was trying to finish his Book, "The Majesty of God’s Law," but felt that he couldn’t until he was shown by Bruce, the Information that is the "key" to the Military History of Europe (and of the Law’s History there) that Bruce had told Cleon of earlier. So, Bruce took Cleon a copy of the Original Document that Cleon wanted to know about (that was in a Medieval Foreign Language) and translated it for Cleon. When Bruce finished Cleon said, "Oh, Bruce, this is Strawberries and Cream! You and me, we’re going to write, ‘The Fifth Thousand Years.’" At hearing that Bruce realized that he needed to make a synopsis of the 1,000-page Course for what some identify as "the Church’s Patriot Community," that is so interested in Brother Skousen’s "Save Our Law" Publications. This synopsis is the Book, "The Story of Rights in America," that is being made available to our Organization over the Internet. Later, to actually give the essence of the true Military History of the Fifth Thousand Years, Bruce wrote the Booklet, "Kybernion," "the Steering Paddle," that is also available to you over the Internet.

    6. Now to speak about our "Organization."

    President David O. McKay did have a very clear "Vision," of how Our People would be able to use the World-leading Linguistic Abilities of the Members of the Church, in the 200+ Languages which we now speak, and then (after the Invention of the Short-term Goal, of Cost-effective Machine Translation, for the Development of the Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility) develop the Software that would make the Services of the Utility available to the Population of the Entire World.

    However, doing that was going to put Church Members in as the Controllers of what all Governments, particularly our US Government, said was going to be the Largest Business ever, in the History of the World. Having such a Gigantic Utility like this working in all of the World’s Languages, would make it so that so much of the Labors of the World’s Population would, in the future, be accomplished, instantly, for very little cost, by Computer Software. Then, in a contradiction of all of the miserable Failures forecast by so many, in the Media etc., that were going to bankrupt, destroy, terminate etc., etc. so much of Human Society, quite the contrary, the World would all be able to enjoy that period of an unprecedented Prosperity that is prophesied, so frequently, that is to be the opportunity for all of Mankind to hear the Fulness of the Gospel and to have the opportunity to repent and prepare for the Second Coming.

    "Yes, but Mormons, operating and controlling the Largest and most Prosperous Business the World has ever known?" "Who could have possibly seen such a thing as ‘the very average type of a human being that a typical Mormon is’ successfully operating and controlling such a Gigantic Resource, that the Whole World will be operating on, in such an essential way?" If, after it is said that it appears that President McKay had the Vision for how "The Way Will Open Up" that will let "Our People" "Work Together" to accomplish that, as he said that they would, questioners might then ask, "But, was there ever anybody else who had that same Vision, of LDS People so most competently performing such essential Services, for all of Mankind, that all of Mankind will depend upon so completely?" the answer to that is, "Yes." It seems that the Prophet Joseph had the Vision, of this type of an accomplishment of most Essential Achievements, when he told the early Leaders of the Church, "This Church will dominate this Hemisphere."

    7. Now to the Main Question that comes up.

    It was, originally, the US Government’s idea to produce this Utility. It was, apparently, their Politically Powerful who focused on how they were going to develop the Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility, that (as Bill Gates says it in a book that he wrote) would let every person in the World have access to a Terminal on this Utility, the Giant Central Computers of which would be instantly doing nearly 100% of the repetitive functions involved in Human Labor, at nearly no cost, that would let the Entire World enjoy an Age of Prosperity never before imagined.

    When the US Government gave up that hope and President McKay informed them that our Church was going to keep pursuing that, until we accomplished that Goal, for the good of all of Mankind, it is no secret that the word that then got out was that, "The Mormons are insane in keeping on trying to do what has been proven to be impossible." When the Mormons did accomplish the Short-term Goal for the development of the Utility, there was what might have been thought of as a, temporary, hushed silence, at the Mystery of how it was that the Mormons did what they did. That silence was only temporary though. The "World Mafia" let it be known, in print, years before they did it, that as soon as the Mormons’ Utah Software Industry got to the point where it was annually bringing in Billions, from the Spin-offs of that Break-through Invention that the Mormons had invented, the World Mafia was going to swoop in and rob from the "amateur" Leadership of that Utah Software Industry the key Developments which were making them that much money. And, as all of the Insiders of that Industry know, that is what happened.

    Now the Inventor of the Original Software, that accomplished the Short-term Goal for the establishment of the Utility, is demonstrating the Completion of the Development of that Software. The Original Leader of the Utah Software Industry has put up Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, that he nor his Family can take back, to let the Church start paying for the "100%" Services of the Utility as soon as that Inventor’s Demonstrations are demonstrated just a little more than they have been.

    "What will be the reaction of the World Mafia when they see the LDS Church begin operating on these ‘100%’ Services and putting out of business all of the ‘85%-effective’ Services, that all Computers and the Internet now operate on, that that World

    Mafia stole from the Mormons those years ago?" That is the "Main Question."

    "Will they be saying the following?" "When these Mormons get this Utility going, between the Main Two Languages, English and Spanish, of the 200+ that they now speak, they are going to be poised to ‘Dominate This Hemisphere,’ like their First Prophet said that they would. But, then, that First Prophet of theirs had a fixation on the Mormons holding onto their Ancestral New England Way of Working Together, the London Way, as hard as we tried to destroy that out from among them. Now, as these Mormons get the Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility ready to offer its Services to the Whole World, with all of them operating together by the Exact Same Law that their Forefathers, in and then from London, have operated by, through the Ages, this Never-ending Fixation of these Mormons on their operating by that Exact Same Law that their Forefathers in London have always operated on is going to mean that the Mormons, with their Worldwide Interlingual Telecommunications Utility, which they own and operate, are going to replace London as the Financial Capital of the World; and we, the ones who robbed them before, who run the World Mafia, are now going to be the ones who are going to be thrown out onto the Garbage Dump!"

    8. "So, what can be said in reaction to that ‘Main Question’?"

    "Did President McKay have a ‘Vision’ of Church Members succeeding, at last, in struggles with the World Mafia that so many others lose to?"

    Let’s review his words. Cleon said, "He prophesied to me, ‘THE WAY WILL OPEN UP,’" for Our People to be able to Learn How to Work Together By The Law.

    So many of us think of President McKay as one of the Lord’s Most Effective Servants. About "The Way," the Lord said, "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is THE WAY which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 3 Ne. 14: 14."

    "What is President McKay’s ‘Vision’ for how ‘THE WAY WILL OPEN UP’ for Our People to be able to be taught how to, again, be able to Work Together By The Law?" President McKay became well acquainted with the way that that has been done by the only other Christian Religion, beside Ours, that has a Temple. This was done at the Ancient Law Schools which are the Four Inns of Temple.

    Earlier it was said that: "David O. McKay had a unique, clear ‘vision’ of how this ‘Treasure’ of the English-speaking People, The LAW that the Free Men of London had been Working Together By for so many centuries, can be treasured in the way that it can be preserved, for the benefit of God’s people, and for all of Mankind."

    "So, how can Our People be TAUGHT to be able to learn how to Work Together By The Law?" This has been on Bruce Wydner’s mind ever since Cleon first told Bruce about President McKay’s Prophecy concerning this, in 1973. For so many years after that, Bruce thought about how we might have "Inns of the Temple" here in the Intermountain West, which would be the support to LDS People, trying to live by the Lord’s LAW, as we learn it in our Temples, in a way that is like the way that London’s Inns of Temple have provided that support there for these past 1,550+ years. Over these Decades Bruce produced the 1,000-page Course and "supporting" Books to introduce to Our People how we can learn how to be able to understand these things in the way that they are intended to be understood. Walt Mann and the Group that he worked for seemed to be pleased with the initial publication of that Course. Now it is in a status that many feel is quite Complete. It is written with the intent to show all of the People who want to establish President McKay’s prophecy of the Utility how to do that in a successful way. And, instead of publishing it, this time, it seems that the best way to make it available is over the Internet. So it seems that our present-day "Inns of the Temple" may be what the World thinks of as: "the Mormons’ Invention of the Internet," rather than the quite ancient Buildings that the London Inns have operated in.

    "But, then, how can ‘this Treasure’ be ‘preserved’?" The way that London’s Temple, its Inns, and the whole "Commonwealth of London," itself, have always been protected against London’s Enemies was always by the huge BARricade, that was built on the Street by which people entered London, from the west, that was next to the Temple. That Barricade was Temple Bar.

    After all of the years that Bruce talked with Richard about how, someday, it would be appropriate to have an Inns of Temple and a Temple Bar in the vicinity of the Lord’s First Temple that was completed in the Intermountain West, Richard, at length was able to build the scale-model that he did of Temple Bar and to establish the Hope Sanctuary ("Hope" being the ancient Anglo-Saxon word for the expression, "Temple").

    Now that all of the Preparations that are needed are ready, to begin the Utility for the Church and then for the World Market, and with the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars that are on deposit to pay for that, the question before anybody in our situation would be, "How do you think that you people are going to be able to protect that?" "What was it that President McKay, with his orientation to this, foresaw?" Today the "Barricade" that we feel is best is the combined "Wisdom" of those who have remained committed to use their experience, in our Organization, which Richard has led, there in St. George etc., to OUTSMART all of those "Lures and Tricks," to use President McKay’s words, that have been used to enslave "Our People" and "all of the rest of the World." It seems most appropriate for us to now use our "Mormon Invention of the Internet" to get that Wisdom to us the quickest, that being our "Barricade." If your Wisdom works, against President McKay’s enemy, of those Lures and Tricks, you and we will instantly be made rich by it.

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